I was in a coma a decade ago and have had stints in multiple renowned rehab clinics… NEVER have I gotten quality therapy as I did here. The entire staff is great. A

James N.

Dear Grand Terrace, Thank you for the wonderful care you provided to me during my recent stay. As I’m sure you know, you have many kind and caring team members who go the extra mile for the patients in their care. I truly appreciated their efforts on my behalf. I am well on the road to full recovery, but am still thankful for your care.

Carlie F.

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Grand Terrace Health Care Center is a wonderful facility! The nurses are so kind and caring and the therapists are great. This is definitely the place to go for rehab.

Jeff S.

This last spring I had the misfortune of needing the services of a Skilled Nursing Facility. However, during my 4 months in Grand Terrace Health Care Center I found the professionalism of the staff to be at a very high level. My stay was very pleasant because of the quality of the care that was provided and because of how clean and well kept the facility was. Everything from the medical care to the food, was excellent. The staff is happy and genuinely care about their patients. If I ever need to go to a SNF again, I would not go to any other facility!

Melissa H.

My father has been a resident at Grand Terrace since October 2009. I want to share that from day ONE at the facility, both Dad and I have been so impressed and thankful for each team member at Grand Terrace. Dad has never been treated like another old person passing in the halls. He and I have been welcomed as if we were part of an extended family. The staff is kind, accepting, and understanding and allowed him to get through those tough times in a respectful, tender, and professional manner. They did not allow him to wallow in self-pity, but encouraged him to participate in many of the activities they have throughout the week. ALL of the staff, from the administration, the kitchen, nursing, and the laundry stop in to smile and see how he is doing DAILY! It is so obvious to us that they care. I am a hands-on family member and I see them interact with ALL of their patients this way, not just my dad. I can not thank them enough for all that they do for him, day in and day out!”

Melaney G.

Everything is of such high standards that I do not worry about my mother when I leave here. I know she will be safe and well cared for, day and night.

Barbara L.

I have used this facility, recommended by the Veterans Administration, twice. Their care and professionalism has been outstanding! They are REAL people.

First Sergeant, Brent B, U.S. Army

Thank you for your wonderful care of my grandmother. She felt very at home at your facility.

Cathy B.

Physical therapy was the best part of my stay here. Thanks so much for your great care.

Maurice A. K.